Survey Question Formats

Our 360 feedback surveys and employee engagement surveys primarily use a multi-point rating scale and short-answer questions. The structure and format can be customized, however.

With our custom survey tool, your survey can include any combination of the following question formats. If you require a question format that is not listed here, please let us know.

Suggested Uses

  • Exit surveys
  • Diversity & inclusion
  • New hire assessments
  • Benefits questionnaires
  • Engagement and satisfaction
  • Multi-Point Rating (e.g. Strongly Agree to Strongly Disagree)
    • Choose from 2-point rating scale up to 10-point rating scale
    • Specify rating labels
    • Include/Exclude "Unable to Rate" option
    • Low to high or high to low rating label direction
  • Semantic Differential
    • 5 rating points to 10 rating points
    • Specific rating anchors
    • Include/Exclude "Unable to Rate"
  • 5-point rating with comment box
  • Multiple choice
    • Select one or select multiple
    • Limit number of selections ("Select up to X choices")
    • Randomize choices
  • Drop-down selection list
  • Short answer text box
  • Single-line text response
  • Numeric values (%,$,etc.)
  • Grouped numeric values with a specified total
  • Numeric point distribution

Sample "Multi-Point Rating"
Sample Multi-Point Rating

Sample "1-5 Rating + Comment"
Sample 1-5 rating + comment

Sample "Multiple Choice Question"
Available as "Select only one" or "Select all that apply"
Sample open format question

Sample "Drop-Down List Question"
Sample drop-down list question

Sample "Grouped Number" Questions
Sample grouped numbers

Sample "Numeric Values" Questions
Sample numeric values

Sample "Short Answer Question"
Sample short answer question