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Selected Clients and Testimonials

We've helped thousands of organizations worldwide, including most of the Fortune 100. Here are some...
What they're saying...
"The value I am receiving for my investment is very high. We are what I would call a "problem customer" that tries to accommodate everyone's needs... CustomInsight has delivered on every request."

-HR Director
International Consumer Goods Company
"I would highly recommend the tool from a manager's standpoint due to easy administration, automated reports, and timeliness. CustomInsight was very easy to work with and their response rate to emails was incredible."

-Marketing Director
International Healthcare Company
"I have used CustomInsight for over 6 years as our source for online surveys... The system is the best I have seen. Reliability is very high, with only typical programming tweaks needed if custom features are added.

[They are] responsive, knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with."

-Principal, HR Consulting Firm
"Just to follow-up on the work you have done on 360. I've reviewed the reports that were sent to me and I have to say that the product far, far exceeds my expectations! You did a great job on this project. Thank you for all your efforts to make this happen and happen right!"

-Senior VP, HR
"The easiest part of this project, for me, is dealing with your interface and the options it presents...
I appreciate your quick and cogent responses each one opens possibilities, simplifies life, and reinforces the wisdom in choosing CustomInsight for our solution."

-Project Manager
"I've been in the survey and 360 business for 30 years and this is the cleanest app that I have ever seen. It's so easy to use!"

- Director of Learning & Development, Fortune 500 Company
Case Studies and Success Stories
Blytheco Logo

Client: Blytheco, LLC

Industry: Consulting

Size: 100 employees and over 5,000 clients

Tenure: Since 2012

Solution: Employee Engagement Survey


Like many of companies they were servicing, Blytheco was experiencing the strain of growth, expansion, and transformation. They needed to make sure all their employees were aligned, committed and capable‐and remained that way.


Wood Mizer

Client: Wood-Mizer

Industry: Manufacturing

Size: 600 employees and customers globally

Tenure: Since 2021

Solution: Online Suggestion Box


Part of Wood-Mizer's culture is to provide their employee-owners an opportunity to voice their concerns and suggestions. However, they did not have a systematic way to do this for their multiple locations.


Pro Bono Clients

CustomInsight is proud to provide pro bono services to...